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Bellini Studio is primarily a husband and wife team of Destiny + Dennis. We also frequently have others with us assisting, second/third shooting and otherwise being all around awesome. Islands are beautiful, but can be a bit lonely, so we believe in bringing someone along! Destiny and Dennis are the ones who mainly contribute to our blog and who you will see at your consultation, session, event or wedding. We are the ones answering your emails and phone calls. Even though being professional is really important to us, we really like to call our clients friends, so we hope you are okay with that!

In case you are wondering about our history, Bellini Studio began in 2007 in Southern California, initially as a newborn and children's studio. Now located in the Dallas area, the studio readily serves Southern California, Colorado, North Texas and the Pacific Northwest area with wedding and all-things family related photography. We are avid travelers and happily consider any US and International inquiries. Don't be shy!

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Young Lives | Events | Allen Family Photographer

I had the privilege to spend the evening with a group of very special moms and their sweet babies.  As if I needed a reason to love Young Life any more, watching the adult staff and volunteers love on these high school girls makes my heart swell.  It was an evening full of fun, friendship, great food, and YL Club designed especially for these sweet moms.

YoungLives also provides a "store" for the moms to pick up things they need for their sweet babies.  Best of all, it is free!  Clothes, toys, shoes, blankets, and other goodies are available.  The "store" is supplied by donations, so if you or someone you know would like to donate, you can easily get in touch with Christina Gibson, who coordinates everything YoungLives, through the YLVS webpage.

YoungLives Love.

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