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Happy FIFTH Birthday!! | Children | Murrieta Childrens Photographer

These two.  They are so fun and spunky.

Celebrating Savannah and Garrett's FIFTH Birthday today!

Happy Birthday Savannah!

Happy Birthday Garrett!

Hope you have a super fun day and lots of cake and ice-cream ;-).

Four Days New: Baby KJ | Newborn | Keller Newborn Photographer

Four days new and wide awake.  I love, love bright-eyed newborns.

I know she can't see very far as a newborn, 
but something about seeing her little eyes 
makes me feel like I can glimpse a little bit 
of who she is.  Who she will be.

Tiny and sweet on the outside.  Mighty and strong on the inside.

A friend to many, with feet that bring good news.

Here she is, the next world-changer, meet:

Kinsley Jo.

 Kinsley Jo, you are loved.

Happy Anniversary! | Our Life


I've wanted to start a series of blog posts featuring "Our Life".  

Because truth be told, we have a pretty fun life and I was taught to always share.  
So, one way I can share with you, on our photography blog, is with images of our family:


That said, I want to start this series with two of the greatest contributors to my life:


I mean, they have contributed from the very beginning :-).

I took my dad to show and tell once in elementary school.  
I was so proud to show him off to all of my friends!  
He wore his uniform and talked about his job in the Coast Guard, 
which I thought was really cool because he flew airplanes and rescued people.

My mom was a class mom and my troop leader.  
She chaperoned school field trips and helped me bake cookies for my teachers.
She worked at our veterinarian's office, 
so sometimes I got to bottle-feed kittens and puppies or syringe feed baby birds.
She taught me to sew.  She taught me how to use a camera.
She also let me stay home from school on my birthday to go shopping and to lunch.
I thought she had a pretty amazing job.

So these two cool cats just celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary. 


That in itself is a reason to celebrate.  I still feel like a newly-wed compared to them!

My first thought was to say that they make marriage look easy.  
But, my thought after that is that they make marriage look worth it.  
It is worth something when you commit, 
when you are determined to have a long marriage and life together, 
no matter what that path looks like. 

Something else that stands out to me about my mom and dad is that they share: 


Givers of time, givers of money, givers of practical needs, givers of a place to stay.  
The list could go on.  
They have lived their lives giving out of little and giving out of much.  
They have given to strangers, to ministries, to individuals.  
They have given to my sister and me our whole lives, blessed us whether we needed it or not.  
And now, they bless their grandchildren - whether they need it or not!  
They have been the answer to someone else's prayer probably more times than they really know.

And I love that their legacy will branch out far and wide, 
beyond our family because of the places they have given and sown.

So happy anniversary to two of the greatest people I know.  
I am pretty sure they never imagined where their life would take them when they said, 

"I DO," 

as teenagers, fresh out of high school, newly enlisted in the military. 

But if I get to give my opinion, I think its been a really good journey.

Happy Birthday Anders! | BirthStory | Argyle Birth Photographer

Dear Baby Anders,

"We're heading in!  Time to roll."  

I had been waiting for that text since the end of December.
So, on the second day of 2014, a chilly morning of twenty-five degrees,
we headed to All About Babies Birth Center in Argyle, TX, expecting the miracle of you.

Baby boy, your mama is amazing.
She had one goal in mind:
to breathe through each contraction
that would finally bring you into her arms.
She had the best midwife, Donnellyn, and support team.
Your daddy and Honey held your mama's hands through the process.
Your water birth was surrounded by people who loved you
and believed in your mama's ability to birth you naturally.  

And your mama did!  She was focused and full of grace.

I believe it is one of the greatest honors to have been invited to witness your birth,
a day I will never forget.  I was blessed to meet you in your first hours of life,
and I truly believe that you will grow to fulfill the meaning of your name:


Strong.  Manly.  Brave.

A few highlights of the morning:

Your aunts and uncles, granddad and Honey meeting you for the first time.

Honey singing to you while your mama was being cared for.

Donnellyn cuddling you, loving you, and praying for your mama and you, as if you were her own.

Your daddy holding you and talking to you, and being a pillar of strength for your mama through the entire process.

Seeing your big sister A and big brother L meet you for the first time and tell everyone your name.

Your mama snuggling you and then calling me over to take another picture of you because your face was changing so much already.

Your first days ahead will be filled with so much change little guy.  

My prayer is that you will be covered with love, and that you will be strong and courageous all the days of your life.

"Be strong and courageous!
Do not tremble or be dismayed, for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go."

Joshua 1:9

DuBois Family | Holiday Mini | Grapevine Family Photographer

Our Holiday Mini Sessions were hosted at Studio 211 in Grapevine this year.  We had a sparkley-fun studio set-up inside, and then headed out to the front porch for the last few minutes.  It was seriously the most perfect fall afternoon.  And...I have a hard time resisting the front porches of an old home that is bursting with character.  

I love this family.  I love watching them grow and laugh together.  

Sometimes the casual, *I need lunch and a nap* snuggles are the sweetest. 

Family love.

Young Lives | Events | Allen Family Photographer

I had the privilege to spend the evening with a group of very special moms and their sweet babies.  As if I needed a reason to love Young Life any more, watching the adult staff and volunteers love on these high school girls makes my heart swell.  It was an evening full of fun, friendship, great food, and YL Club designed especially for these sweet moms.

YoungLives also provides a "store" for the moms to pick up things they need for their sweet babies.  Best of all, it is free!  Clothes, toys, shoes, blankets, and other goodies are available.  The "store" is supplied by donations, so if you or someone you know would like to donate, you can easily get in touch with Christina Gibson, who coordinates everything YoungLives, through the YLVS webpage.

YoungLives Love.